Lions Club – The Leo Club Program


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Leo Club

Elizabeth Irmen, a sales manager and district training manager with Swarovski Crystal Co. in Oak Brook, Illinois, supports the Lions Club, a social organization with the mission of empowering volunteers to meet humanitarian needs. In her work with Lions Club, Elizabeth Irmen is a career mentor through the Leo Club program.

The Leo Club program provides people as young as 12 and as old as 30 with the chance for personal and professional development. Leo Clubs focus on three core goals: leadership, experience, and opportunity. In all Leo Clubs, participants develop project organization skills, learn about teamwork and cooperation, and receive recognition for their contributions in the field of community service.

Leo Clubs are split into Alpha and Omega tracks. Alpha Leo Clubs are for participants younger than 18 years old, and focus on assisting those involved in individual and social development. Omega Leo Clubs, meanwhile, serve adults as old as 30, and deal with growth in the personal and professional spheres.

Individual clubs can be based in schools or communities, and may draw on potential members from youth groups, educational institutions, religious institutions, or simple friendships. Founding a club requires the payment of a one-time fee of $100.