Swarovski Collectors Society Supports Worldwide Waterschool Projects


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Swarovski Collectors Society
Image: swarovskiwaterschool.com

Since 2003, Elizabeth Irmen has served as the store manager for Black Tie Draperies in Orland Park, Illinois. In 2008, she joined the Orland Square location of Swarovski North America. As an aspect of her role, Elizabeth Irmen is a member of the Swarovski Collectors Society (SCS).

In addition to member benefits like special offers, access to newsletters, and first dibs on the company’s custom crystal designs, SCS members contribute to the Swarovski Waterschool projects. Waterschool began in 2000 to promote access to safe water, water education, and sanitation for children all over the world. By focusing on children in schools, the projects aim to improve the future of water safety and conservation in communities in Brazil, Uganda, China, Austria, India, Thailand, and the US.

The program was created in alignment with four of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals, namely gender equality, clean water and sanitation, quality education, and partnerships to reach these goals. The teaching curriculum consists of 9 modules to help kids learn about water and its relationship to geology, health, agriculture, pollution, ecosystems, and other topics.

Overall, the Waterschool projects have educated over 461,000 students at nearly 2,500 schools. Through the children’s programs, nearly 10,000 teachers have been educated and over a million community members have been reached.